Our capabilities

LIT enables XaaS delivery across enterprises’ entire technology estate

A turnkey platform to drive XaaS globally

  • + Complexity
  • + Multi-contract
  • + Capex
  • OEMs
  • Software
  • Global Logistics & Execution
  • Capital Markets
  • Insurance
Supply chain
  • Quote / Pricing
  • Device Mgmt
  • Billing
  • Warranty / Return
  • Install
  • Ordering
  • Procurement
  • Carbon offset
  • Reporting
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Contract alignment
  • Local entity Mgmt
  • Legal
Funding and Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Currency
  • Payments
  • Underwriting
  • Risk / FX
  • Deal Structuring
Solutions enabled
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Laptops/PC
  • Devices
  • Software

Global Coverage: 38 countries

De-risked: via performance risk insurance wrap + financial structuring + automation

Sustainability wrap: carbon offset and ESG guided

  • + Simplicity
  • + Simple-contract
  • + OPEX




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Scalable global vendor-agnostic ecosystem

A Smarter Way to Procure Technology

LIT’s global technology-as-a-service solution simplifies the complexity of technology procurement by automating and optimizing order management and reporting as well as abstracting customers from disparate OEM and service providers contracts, processes and terms and conditions.

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Integrated Financing

Straightforward, Predictable Pricing

LIT’s integrated financing transforms CapEx investments and ongoing service expenses into a single monthly price per outcome providing customers with simple, predictable costs over time. LIT abstracts customers from financing contracts and obligations and operationalizes the engagement with financial institutions and insurance providers to ensure capital availability, transacting agility and seamless execution.


Monthly price per outcome

Flexible and scalable

Avoid large capital outflows

Termination options


Carbon & Sustainability Solution

Driving emission reductions for our partners and their end-customer through an integrated carbon offset solution.

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Climate Positive

  • 100%+ of GHG emissions will be offset via nature-based carbon credits for each asset delivered by LIT.
  • Asset emissions are calculated by accounting for activities throughout the full device lifecycle (from the raw materials, to distribution and end of life retirement).
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Reporting & Quality Control

  • Carbon offset certificates only from tier-1 accredited carbon mitigation projects (Verra and Gold verified).
  • Detailed reporting and traceability analysis on source projects and associated benefits.
  • Independent 3rd party auditing and verification of GHG emission calculations.
  • On-going and transparent quality control monitoring and reporting.