Delivering Technology Solutions the Way Your Customers Want It:

As-a-Service. Multi-Vendor. Pay-As-You-Grow.

Sound too good to be true?
It’s not. It’s LIT.

Offer technology your customers want with a completely customizable, multi-vendor solution and deliver it with a simple, efficient, as-a-service payment under one contract.

Who We Work With

LIT partners with the world’s leading hardware/ software vendors, some of the largest systems integrators and cloud managed service providers, to deliver end-to-end, comprehensive IT-as-a-service solutions.

Our unrivaled, pay-as-you-grow, vendor-agnostic, technology-as-a-service solution alleviates upfront capital costs and simplifies investment and delivery for cloud providers to provide a faster time to value. Additional capacity can be added within minutes, which provides an IT solution that mimics a flexible, public-cloud-like consumption model.

What You Can Expect from LIT


Want a better investment alternative for your cloud infrastructure investment? LIT’s innovative model along with flexible deal shaping helps your customers avoid large upfront capital outlay, resource over-provisioning, while also moving IT-as-a-service solutions off the balance sheet.*

*Consult your finance experts to better understand internal company finance policy

Budget Optimization

LIT helps you simplify the complexity of cloud infrastructure investment, reduce the debt burden and enable customers to pay for what they use. They can even transform their existing technology platforms that have been traditionally paid for via CapEx into an as-a-service model, allowing customers to optimize their budget and focus on strategic business investments.

On Demand Scalability

With a flexible, consumption-based private cloud solution, customer requests for new capacity can be handled in minutes, rather than a formal CapEx process. With LIT’s automated usage billing and analytics that deliver highly effective capacity and performance data, you can provide proactive services that prevent performance issues by delivering capacity in advance of need.

Insurance Leader Brings Digital Evolution To Life


A European insurance company was looking for a long-term digital transformation solution that would better align its infrastructure services to its digital evolution path and improve its services to their customers. LIT’s unique, as-a-service offer allowed their hosting provider to set up a service integration model with a strong focus on cloud and analytics.

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