About us

LIT Platform

LIT has brought together financial, commercial, operational and technology expertise to build the LIT Platform. The LIT Platform consists of a broad and dynamic Tier 1 ecosystem of OEMs, service providers, financial institutions and insurance providers as well as proprietary automation that orchestrates, manages and optimizes the delivery of such ecosystem under a consistent global as-a-service solution.

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Meet The Team

Robert Koffler

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of LIT; entrepreneur with over two decades of C-Suite experience.

Jaime Cohen

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced professional in asset-backed finance, operations, and IT financing.

David Roberts

Chief Revenue Officer

Over thirty years of experience in operations and sales with technology companies.

Bo White

Chief Development Officer

Fifteen years of experience in business development and financial structuring.

Jack Sepple

Board Adviser

Former Sr. Managing Director at Accenture and Global Head of Cloud. 30 years of executive leadership in Accenture.

Ximena Rodriguez

Lead Counsel

Experienced legal professional who drives standardization of company processes.

Daniel Munana

Commercial Director

Experienced in executing complex IaaS deals for Fortune 2000 accounts.

Andrew Hendl

Operations Director

Over twenty-five years of experience in operations leadership.